1.1 List of courses offered across all programs during last five years
Program code Program Name Course code Course Name Year of introduction
UGBSC01 B.Sc. BSC001 Physics 1955
UGBSC02 B.Sc. BSC002 Chemistry 1955
UGBSC03 B.Sc. BSC003 Botany 1955
UGBSC04 B.Sc. BSC004 Zoology 1955
UGBSC05 B.Sc. BSC005 Math 1955
UGBA06 B.A. BA006 Hindi 1955
UGBA07 B.A. BA007 English 1955
UGBA08 B.A. BA008 Urdu 1955
UGBA09 B.A. BA009 History 1955
UGBA10 B.A. BA010 Political Science 1955
UGBA11 B.A. BA011 Economics 1955
UGBA12 B.A. BA012 Psychology 1955
UGBA13 B.A. BA013 Philosophy 1955
UGBCOM14 B.Com. BCOM14 Commerce 1955
UGLLB15 LL.B. LAW15 Law 1954
BBA16 BBA BBA16 BBA 2002
BCA17 BCA BCA17 BCA 2002
IMB18 IMB IMB18 IMB 2002
PGMSC19 M.Sc. MSC19 Physics 1971
PGMSC20 M.Sc. MSC20 Chemistry 1971
PGMSC21 M.Sc. MSC21 Botany 1971
PGMSC22 M.Sc. MSC22 Zoology 1971
PGMSC23 M.Sc. MSC23 Math 1971
PGMA24 M.A. MA24 Hindi 1971
PGMA25 M.A. MA25 English 1971
PGMA26 M.A. MA26 Urdu 1971
PGMA27 M.A. MA27 History 1971
PGMA28 M.A. MA28 Political Science 1971
PGMA29 M.A. MA29 Economics 1971
PGMA30 M.A. MA30 Psychology 1971
PGMA31 M.A. MA31 Philosophy 1971
C32 Certificate Course C32 Diploma in Communicative English 2013
C33 Certificate Course C33 Diploma in Fish & Fisheries Products 2013